The eNail redefined

Cube is the first smart eNail that learns. It's designed and manufactured from the ground up in California with precision temperature control, visual feedback, and safety elements all wrapped in a beautifully crafted enclosure.

Know when your coil reaches the perfect temperature

Cube's color code visually informs you throughout the heating process. Watch the app and Cube glow from blue to magenta as the coil reaches its specified temperature.

Intelligent Power Down

We are all a bit forgetful from time-to-time. With Cube, if you stray too far it shuts off automatically. Safety first :)

Dab Detection

Cube learns and plays along. With Dab Detection (Beta), watch your cube explode with colors when it detects usage.

Safety Lock

Keep unwanted use out by enabling Cubes 4 digit locking mechanism through the mobile app.

Just the Right Size

Not too big, not too small. Cube's compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hands.

Digitally Fabricated

Cubes intricate celular enclousre is fabricated in the USA with advanced 25 micron high resolution 3D printing technologies. 3D printing allows us to manufacutre and assemble the product right here in Oakland, CA. 

Engineered from the ground up

Most eNails are re-purposed heating products from China made with poor elements that fail over time. Cube was engineered from the ground up in California specifically for its purpose in mind.

Proudly Made in the USA

By utilizing advanced 3D printing technology and local fabrication vendors, Cube is manufactured and assembled in Oakland, CA. Thanks for supporting an American designed and manufactured product.

Everything you need, just add glass

Experience Cube Today

Precision temperature control, interactive feedback and safety elements all wrapped in a beautifully crafted enclosure. Experience Cube today.